Renter's Agreement

The renter hereby agrees by his/her signature on the reverse side hereof that he/she has read and is aware of the following terms and conditions of the rental of this vehicle and hereby accepts his/her full responsibilities as herein defined.

  1. The parties agree that the renter is not and does not hereby become an agent, or employee of the owner in any manner whatsoever.
  2. Advance; refunds will be made where necessary.
  3. The renter agrees that no claims shall be made against the owner or agent for delays or loss of time or personal expenses involved due to accidents or mechanical breakdown.
  4. The owner accepts responsibilities for any minor mechanical repairs affected by the renter. Determination of this is subject to the discretion of the owner.
  5. The renter undertakes to immediately report any accidents or collisions involving this vehicle to the owner and the nearest police station.
  6. The renter is obliged to return this vehicle to the location and the time indicated on the reverse side unless the owner has been notified and agrees to any other time and location.
  7. The renter warrants that he is: (a) over 21 years of age ; (b)does not suffer from any physical, manual, legal disabilities;(c)holds a valid driver’s license.
  8. The renter will be held responsible for the cost of any damage to the car or public or private property damages, in the event of the car being driven by a person not holding a valid driver’s license.
  9. Renter liable for damaged to vehicle caused by collision shall be limited to either $500,$1000,or $2000 usd depending upon  whether customer at the time of rental initial the box entitled to the collision liability or the box entitled to $1000 liability or the box entitled to $1500 liability,$2000 or full liability.
  10. If the renter decides to extend his contract, the owner should be given further 48 hrs notice in advance. Failure to do so, the car can be reported stolen and the date and time the contract expires.
  11. The renter further warrants that: (a) the vehicle should not be operated by any other person other than the additional renter; (b) the vehicle should not be operated other than a public highway or graded private road or high way;

© He\she undertakes the return of the vehicle in the same condition received, ordinary wear and tear expected.

  1. If the car is rented for a week or more and is returned within a day there will be a minimum charge of (3) three days rental.
  2. The company reserves the right to terminate the rental without notice making the necessary refund if any.
  3. 48 hrs notice must be given to the company of changes in the following; (1) point of departure (2) duration of rental and (3) address in Jamaica
  4. Insurance coverage does not apply when a car is driven by unauthorized drivers. Driver must be authorized by Pat’s Taxi Service Car Rental Co. LTD. Hirer is personally liable for property and third party damages resulting therefore. The rental agreement will be void.
  5. Collision protection does not cover; the loss of the spare tyres and tools or damaged rims or tyres, apart from the ordinary flat, so the renter will be held responsible.
  6. If the renter decides to terminate his rental, the owner should be given 48 hrs notices.
  7. Renter agrees to lock the ignition and secure all windows and doors while the vehicle is unattended. Renters failure to remove the key from ignition, rental is liable for theft and full liability if the key is left in the car.
  8. Insurance will become void when the vehicle is been operated by a renter arising out of drunkenness, gross negligence or if the said vehicle is driven in violation of the rental agreement, the renter will be held responsible.
  9. The agree that in case 0f an accident where he is at fault, that no claim shall be made against the owner or agent for a refund of rental or any other personal expenses.
  10. Renter is liable for all changes, including rental charges, fines, storage and penalties until the vehicle is returned to a company station.
  11. Renter agrees that he \she has not returned said vehicle to the station from which it was rented within the time and date renter agrees upon for its return, or if the vehicle is abandoned, he will bear all expenses incurred by the company in the attempt to locate and recover the said vehicle and hereby waives all recourse against the company or other person responsible for renters arrest and prosecution even though renter may consider such arrest or prosecution to be false, malicious or unjustified.


COLLECTIONS: All charges, fees and expenses, including payment for loss of or damage to the car, are due at our request. If I do not pay all charges when due: I agree to pay a late charge of 1.5 per month on the past due balance. I will pay any collision cost, including your reasonable attorney’s fee. If I don’t pay any amount when due, if the permit, you may contact me or any employer at my place of business in connection with your collections, if I have billed this rental to another party, with your consent and at that party direction, both I and that party agree to be jointly and severally liable for any charges and liability for any charges and liability incurred under the Agreement.


You are fully responsible for towing due to negligence: out of gas, locked keys in the car, lights left on, etc.  You are responsible for all types of damage. If you are putting cash deposit must be in to renew the contract at least one day before the contract expires.  If at the time of check-in there is any damage noted on the vehicle agent cannot close out the contract until estimates are only given by the manager or repair shop. You hereby agree to attest that he/she has personal injury insurance and that insurance shall be first priority in payment of any and all personal injury and property damage claims that arise from or of this vehicle. You will be responsible for any fees to have the vehicle reposed, any and all legal fees that are accessed to this case. Our agent will provide you with an insurance claim report form.





1.   By trick or giving false information

2.   Hiring with intent to defraud or absconding without pay

3.   Failure to return the vehicle as agreed

4.   Tampering with mileage device or vehicle parts.